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Program Concept :

BACK WHEN RADIO WAS BOSS is a music program based around the songs of the 1962 through 1973 period of top 40 radio.  We use "Jingle Imaging" to create a mood and memory of this music as it was first presented.

All of the music, segues, and sweeps are researched. If you listen closely, the songs have a true relationship to each other.

We worked closely with Johnny Mann, the original talent behind the "Boss Jingles" of the 1960's, and re-created over 100 custom jingles for this program. 
Like the originals, the jingles are forward-imaging.

Our music library is based around over 1500 songs.
We searched out every original stereo version. Many of your favorite songs - in stereo - will only be heard on Boss Radio!


Artist, Music, and jingle association are the keys to this programming concept. 

The new BOSS RADIO will have a few extra features like the occasional ACTUALITY heard ahead of certain songs. Our actualities are drawn from a huge bank that was used in the "History of Rock And Roll" production of the 70's.

Five years in development has created a fast paced music program, that sounds great today - you might say IT SOUNDS BOSS!

BOSS RADIO changed the way that music was played and listened to on the radio between the years 1965-72.

The BOSS RADIO style ran on many legendary stations, including:
CKLW KHJ KING KYNO KFRC KGB KAKC WHBQ WRKO CHUM WOR-FM. Over 80 million baby boomers first heard their favorite songs on a Drake formatted "BOSS RADIO" Station.
We are happy to present this format... once again.


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