1967--Was The SUMMER OF LOVE, And Body-Painting (Watercolors) Is The Rage.

The Young Adults Of This Generation, From All Over America,
Located A Common Gathering Spot To Find A New Way Of Thinking,
And Looking At Their Future. That Place, Was The Haight-Ashbury Section, Of San Francisco.

PSYCHEDELIC ART Found It's Way On To Posters, Into Music, Style, Modern Art, And Record Album Covers. Also On Clothing, And, On More Than A Few...VW Buses. AND On, A Lot Of... Pretty Bodies.

This Art Form Is Widely Collected Today, And Had It's Roots In 1967 San Francisco, Then, Spread Quickly Across The College Campus' Of America, Into NYC's Greenwich Village. In 1974, John & Yoko Donated His 'PSYCEDELIC ROLLS' To The COOPER-HEWITT NYC Museum. It Was Sold, In 1987, To A Canadian Collector, For OVER Two Million Dollars, He Promptly Donated It To A  Vancouver Museum. Yes, He's A Baby Boomer. It Is Considered One Of The MOST EXPENSIVE Cars--In The World.

The Youth Of America, At That Time, Began To "RE-THINK" What Life, Family, And Values, Were Really All About. EXPERIMENTATION Was Welcome In Life Style, Drug Usage, Music And Art.

The Term "FLOWER POWER" Was Born, It's Meaning Was Defined As looking To.. The Natural Beauty Of Nature, All Around Us, And Found In Others. And Replace The Hate In the World With... "LOVE POWER".
Soon, It Would Become Very Political. And Peaked, Violently, At the 1968 Democratic Convention, In Chicago. A Reflection Of The Anti-War Movement Sweeping The Nation. All Of These New Ideas Would Leave A Permanent Impact, On The Music, And The Way We Would Live Out Our Lives, In The Future.

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