Dr. Timothy Leary, A Harvard Prof, Who Experimented With A Then Legal Drug, LSD,
Advised A Generation To...
 'TURN ON..TUNE IN..DROP OUT'... This Experimentation Encouraged The 60's Generation
To Ask Themselves...This Simple Question... WHO ARE.... YOU?
Within A Few Years, We Would Scatter In All Directions, On A Personal Quest.
And Spend The Rest Of Our Lives, Looking For That Answer.
In The Early 70s, Some.. Became 'Jesus Freaks' And Begin To Question..WHY..ARE YOU?

This Haunting Question, WHO ARE....YOU? Would Re-Surface, Again,
With The Grundge Sound Of Seattle, Some 30 Years Later,
When Nirvana's Break Through Album, Would Feature A Picture,
Of A New Born Baby---Chasing The Almighty Dollar---In A Pool Of Water.

The 60's Generation Chose To Look For That Answer In Lifestyle, Music, Art, And Religion.

" Just Say...KNOW"   Dr. Timothy Leary

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