BEACH BOYS Sold Surf, Sand, Sun,Fun, Racing, And Pretty Girls 1962-66. As Did Most Other Southern California Groups. Surprisingly, In 1967, The Beach Boys Toured, In A Station Wagon,
With Their Instruments. JIMI HENDRIX Had Just Arrived On The Scene. And, The USA Audience For SURF MUSIC... Disappeared. EUROPE Was Just Waiting For The BEACH BOYS 67-70 A European Tour Found A Completely New Audience....Just Waiting. European Audiences, 67-70 Usually Numbered Ten Thousand, And More

SURF Music Capitalized On "The Magic Of The Mind". It Sold Beach, Sunshine, Surfing Fast Custom Cars, And Pretty Girls. BEACH PARTY Movies Played A Big Part In Selling The WEST COAST FANTASY. Many SURF Music Groups Did Cameo Appearances In These Movies. BOSS RADIO Has Researched Boomer Interest In The SURF Music Era. Which Surely Is A Genre, On To It's Own. The "TUNES" Are Quite Catchy.

We Have Designed Custom Jingles To Spot Light The "SURF" Sound,And Found The Songs Important To This Early Period Of BOSS RADIO,Although Quite Short Lived.We Also Designed Music Mixes, To Capitalize On This Corner Of Top 40 Radio.And Will Ocasionally Visit This West Coast Fantasy Of The Mind, In Music.WEST COAST POP SOUND Weaved It's Way, From The Early Part Of Top 40 Radio, Into 1966. Lingering Just Below The Surface, Of The 1963-66 Period Of Top 40 Radio.The BEACH BOYS, With This Surf Connection, Is The Only Group To Survive,The British Music Domination Of The Charts. In The Late 60s.For A Short Time, A Lot Of SURF Music Hit The Charts, By Several Groups,And Deserves A Place...On To It's Own.

Beach Boys
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